english gentleman


 The englishman is special, when l was a child,l had a dream of a turquoise swimming pool and a shark It scared me as l was only ten; my brother 

who was only eight at time. He thought l was in trouble, he came in my bedroom, he could see on the wall a movie picture type thing a shark.. He said he seen a man who was sitting on my bed looking at me, his legs went through the wall as the bed was closed to wall and window. Years later, l painted the gentleman, titan, painted him l just copied it, for my A level (aged 40). My brother who never seen the painting before in 2001, l moved house l place the painting on the wall. When my brother visited, he told me that the image of the spirit, whom all those years ago visited and looked at me,
l like to think he was looking after me because l was scared of seeing that image on the wall.


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