Knowledge of what happens when we start new life in Spirit world

As you have gone through your life review when you first crossed over, you now begin to have an in-depth understanding about why you went and what you did and why you didn't do it. The Spirit guide is there to help you understand the choices that were offered to you, why your life has been rough or pleasant on the Earth-plane. This is a wonderful time for Spirit although many times they will see things that they did on the Earth plane and learn that everything can have a positive energy. It?s only a human failing when we feel negative. If only we knew before we go to the Spirit world how our thoughts can change our life history and we need to be more positive when we are on the Earth plane. I believe we will be educated to adapt to our new life in the Spirit world. We will still continue to grow and leave earthly memories although we are still connected by the bond of love to people left on the Earth plane. We will find that we cannot move about because will not have a body any more. We will have energy of light and be able to project our image in a form that our loved ones would recognise us by. Our Soul progression will dictate these facts. If we do not learn our lessons in the Spirit world, we will be given a choice whether to stay there or return to the Earth plane as this is the only place that certain lessons can be learned, for we have to face our karmic past.

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