Gallery of Totem animals

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 History why l drawn these wonderful animals. 


A new helper bring symbolic messages of totem animals 

One of the special dreams when, l start to travel in dream-state

I had, few years ago, l was dreaming of this African young
man, I seem to know that he has come to help me.

had been a lovely experience to have the joy of the
paintings accepted.
I had the impulse to draw this young man, Adullah.
He told me that he passed at the age of fourteen, he had
been in the fields where the family of sheep and goats
were kept. He had been attacked and killed by a lion. He
did not blame the lion as it was hungry, they have met in
the spirit world, some of my animal drawings have an
innocence about them, he brings the animals. The
understanding what the animal symbolic message , which l gleaned from the web, l seem to hone in the right key words to the totems message. Each animal, as been accepted by the sitter. It is another dimension to the power of the spirit world.
There are lots of brilliant books about totem animals; also links to the information on the web...

l would recommend book by Ted
Andrews. Animals Speak It is very informative..

Sometimes we are lead to do our own
research we need to understand that each medium will work in their own special way that spirit wishes to project





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