What are totem animals

Every animal has a powerful spirit. This spirit may be its own or that of a being who uses the animal image to communicate messages of the world to humans. Every animal has its own talents. A study of its talents will reveal the kind of medicine, magic, and power it can help you to develop within your own life. {every animal has its speciality}


My spirit guide Adullah, whom impresses me with the animal, then l draw it, each message can be guidence, or symbolic what is happening around the person whom the animal makes his/her presences known


The animal chooses the person, not the other way around. Many believe that they can just choose an animal and start communicating with it. Usually ego gets in the way at these times.   Every animal's medicine is unique. You will find the greatest success in the animal that comes to you.


You must develop a relationship with your totem. To communicate with them demands respect. You must learn their point of view. Animals won't just warm up to you immediately. They must learn to trust you and your limitations, and you must learn to trust them and their limiations. This takes time, patience and practice.


You must honor your totem for its medicine to be effective in your life. The more you honor them-the more significance you give them within your life-the more powerful and effective they become. {your imagination is the real link to your totem}

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